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Lunar Gala 2018: FEROX


Lunar Gala is Pittsburgh's largest annual fashion event with 140+ students involved in producing, designing, modeling, and dancing in the show. 2018's theme is FEROX: chaotic, primal, a return to instinct. 

motion graphics

10 months

Contributed in directing a conceptual theme for Carnegie Mellon University's annual fashion show and worked with the Motion Team to design and produce motion graphics for the in-show experience.

Raphael Weikart
Juliana Nam
Anna Gusman
Marisa Lu




I was a part of Lunar Gala's creative board, from May 2017 to February 2018. Along with the entire creative team which consists of about 17 designers, I participated in establishing with the overall theme of this fashion show based on the year 2018's zodiac animal. Then we explored and experimented to develop a brand identity for the word FEROX, which has become the title of the show. 

After the concept got solidified, our motion team and I worked to create a visual theme that would best represent FEROX. Based off of the brand guidelines that the creative team developed as a whole, we altogether made assets and graphics that communicates a chaotic, primal, and instinctive feeling. 

Instead of manipulating real footages, we decided to limit our visual language to computer generated graphics. Process involved experimenting with Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Processing. 

Below are the show videos, played throughout the fashion show.